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Dog Training

Learn more about how to train your dog.

We are pleased to offer canine training classes for all skill levels and ages. Please refer to the descriptions of classes below.

Please call us at (920) 921-5199 to make inquiries about upcoming classes and to make reservations.

Puppy Class:

Puppies 7-24 weeks of age are welcome. This class meets for 1 hour per week for 7 weeks. Puppy class provides controlled, positive exposure to many new experiences. Puppies affected by adverse experiences during this early fear period often cannot be rehabilitated. Your puppy is in a critical time of his or her development. This is the BEST time to shape his or her personality to be a happy family member. Puppy class is the BEST investment you can make to avoid future behavior issues.

Novice Class:

Graduates of puppy class or dogs 9 months of age (or older) are welcome. This class meets for 1 hour per week for 7 weeks. Novice class teaches owners how to effectively communicate with their canine companions resulting in a well-mannered pet. Essential skills taught in novice class include: sit-stay, down-stay, come (recall strengthening), wait, leave it, attention when working, and foundations for heeling.


Requirements for all classes:

  • Up-to-date vaccinations (DHPP, Leptospirosis, bordetella, rabies); at appropriate age intervals
  • Negative fecal examination
  • Monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention
Dog Training in $city